Burning a DVD from .vob .bup .ifo files on Mac OS X

I wanted to burn some .vob .bup .ifo files I downloaded to a DVDR on my Mac, and it took me some time to find the solution, so I figured what the heck let's share it with the world. The simple but not free approach is to buy and install Toast. It seems a bit over the top to spend $99 to burn files which are already in DVD format when there are so many free tools available.

The automatic method

(found this program after I wrote the thing below). Download and use DvdImager, which does exactly the same :-)

The manual method (old)

  1. Make sure you have Fink installed.
  2. Make sure you can install unstable packages using fink; if the next step fails, you can't :-)
  3. From the fink faq:

    New in fink-0.26: If you run fink configure one of the questions will ask whether you want to turn the unstable trees on. You will need to run fink selfupdate; fink index; fink scanpackages afterward. Note: you must have either rsync or cvs updating turned on to get new package descriptions.

    To configure Fink to use unstable when you have an earlier version of the fink tool than 0.26, edit /sw/etc/fink.conf, add unstable/main and unstable/crypto to the Trees: line, and then run fink selfupdate; fink index; fink scanpackages. Rsync or cvs updating is required as above.

  4. Use fink to install cdrtools
  5. fink install cdrtools
  6. Get some coffee. Milk and sugar are optional.
  7. Create a folder for your DVD (for example /tmp/mydvd), create a subfolder VIDEO_TS and put the .vob .bup and .ifo files in there.
  8. Open your terminal, and type the following commands (assuming VIDEO_TS can be found in /tmp/mydvd/)
  9. # this removes the metadata files used by OS X; make sure you don't use Finder to open /tmp/mydvd until you have created the iso.
    find /tmp/mydvd -name ".DS_Store" -exec rm {} \;
    # use mkisofs to create an iso, this shouldn't take long
    mkisofs -dvd-video -o /tmp/mydvd.iso /tmp/mydvd
  10. Use the Disk Utility to burn the image /tmp/mydvd.iso to a DVDR